Gmod Engine Update

Horray, engine update for Gmod coming soon! Info from Garry’s Blog

Uh, it’s cool, but there’s not really going to be anything notably new. Unless you’re going to play it on a mac, which obviously doesn’t affect many people who already play.


Better prediction, less crashes. Stuff like that.

It’s build 4194.

You know what that means.

Multicore support.

Only engine side, not lua side.

I didn’t know that! I hope it gives me a performance boost on my shitty comp.
I gotta check it out now!

Will Gmod official support L4D & L4D2 now.

gawd i hate apple computers. i dont even know why, i just feel like puking whenever i use one. oh well, i guess i will go make a OS check for assmod, so i can permaban all these mac fags without even trying


so what is this actually going to do for gmod users ?

I can finally make proper tf2 npcs too I think.

go capsadmin go

Multicore support, bug fixes, updated engine, stuff like that.

Multithreading doesn’t work properly with LUA.

Will Havok be multi-threaded? That would really speed up spacebuild.