Gmod Engine

I have a couple of questions about the engine that gmod uses.

What engine does gmod use? does it use the ep2 engine or what?

If it does use the episode 1 engine or the episode 2 engine, then why don’t we get the cool features of it? for example, dynamic interaction (the thing in episode 1 and 2 where if two certain npc’s get near each other they get into a melee battle)

If anyone has the answer then can you let me know i’m curious.

If I remember correctly, it uses Tf2’s version of the Source Engine.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong though.

Ah so that probably explains why it doesn’t have the features of episode 1/2.

It has more features than episode 1 and 2, it includes all ep1/ep2 features.

Does it? I had no idea, I wonder if it is actually possible somehow to enable dynamic interaction. Though it might not of been included, in gmod but i’m pretty sure that dynamic interaction is tied to to the ep1 and ep2 models.

What the NPCs do doesn’t depend on which engine GMod uses, it’s in the game’s program itself

That’s probably not engine feature. Might be just map script or something like that.

I’m not sure how dynamic models carry over into multiplayer. Running an EP2 map on SP would let you see how the prop are working.

What do you mean by that exactly? i’m a bit confused.

I don’t think it’s a map script I’ve gone into Episode 2 and started up gm_bigcity and spawned Alyx with the alyx gun and a zombie and when they got close Alyx kicked the zombie in the face.

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That sounds like a good idea, I might try that.

I believe your right here, and that’s why every damn hat fortress update seems to break gmod.

What NPC’s are you talking about? If you spawn resilience and zombies, the resilience will attack the zombies.
NPC’s are programmed to do as that of HL2, you just have to spawn them with weapons…

GMod uses it’s own branch of the Source engine, basically it’s a mix because of mounting other source engine games. So in this sense, it’s modified as it can handle more than 2 dynamic lamp sources and able to use content from other Source-driven games.

It has every feature, and at the moment GMod 13 beta has a newer branch. So there’s improvement or losses and it’s community built this time.


Yes, any source game will allow it to run. :smiley:

8===D D:

That’s what I say about using emoticons like this.

Well in episode 2 when Alyx got close to a zombie sometimes Alyx would kick the zombie, or the zombie would attack and she would dodge. But if equipped with a shotgun she would smack the zombie.
The vortigaunt does this as well sometimes the vort will stomp on an antlion, or grab it and use the green energy beam thingy. And the other one I recall is the hunter and any human like citizen,kliener those types. The hunter would knock the human over and stomp on them or it can impale them.

That sounds pretty awesome I can’t wait till GMod 13 is out.

How long till we get GMod in Frostbite engine?

What the hell are you talking about?

From what I remember, FrostBite is the Engine used for the BattleField games.

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