GMod Entity doesn't appear

Hi !
I tell you today because i’ve problem, a little problem for newbie but i don’t know what is…
So i created a little entity (computer) with nothing, just the skin for begin my entity but the entity doesn’t appear in the Spawnmenu… I tested all things (create just a file, separate in cl, init and shared, and change the base_anim in base_gmodentity), but doesn’t work…

cl_init.lua :

shared.lua :

init.lua :

Help is welcome, and thanks in advance!

Fix ! Needs simply a restart of Steam (don’t know why…).
Just i have one question : How put a DFrame in an ENT, for example in a computer and we can see this DFrame ? I know there is draw.SimpleTextOutlined for text but i don’t know what is the line to put not a text but my DermaPanel variable :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

are you asking how to open a menu when use is hit on they entity? Or drawing on the entity?

No, this is just for drawing the entity… i tried that below but doesn’t work… Just you see the computer but not the “black screen” of the computer (there is a texture in front of) :

But doesn’t work…
At first I wanted to make sure that we can interact with DFrame but finally I made that appear in the middle of the screen so my problem is above :slight_smile: Thx by advance,