GMod + EP1/2 Maps = Fail

WHY isn’t GMod able to mount the content (More like: The model animations and scriptet scenes) properly?
Did you ever try to run an EP1/2 map in gmod, but turned off because the NPC’s never did the stuff what they were supposed to do?
Lets take EP2. Stright at the beginning, Alyx picks up the gravgun to get you out of the train. But in GMod? No way, except you copy a lot of shit from it directly into the GMod folder.
I’m sick of it.


Oh and if I put the Cinematic Mod content into an addons folder, it doesn’t work. Why?
I don’t want to infect my main GMod folder with it, because if I go on a server it says “wrong checksum” because I have different models.

Yeah, it’s happens to me too, I wish gmod could play those maps properly (Let’s not talk about half life source o_o)

You are running a map for one game in a different game. There is a high chance it isn’t going to work.


I have this problem, along with missing textures. Since Gmod mounts HL2 ep 2 there is no reason for it not to work. The hl2 campain works perfectly. Even auto transfers between maps.

I guess Garry set the priority of HL2 higher than the one of the newer games, (just) because of the TF2 blood.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, it works fine for me.