Gmod ep2 eyes and shadows non existant

Okay, I own HL2 EP2 and it’s installed and I’ve played it, but for some reason in Gmod, any ragdoll that has the new ep2 eyes are just checkered and the dynamic shadows are no where, don’t work. Now I’ve uninstalled both already and reinstalled them EP2 first played then gmod. Still nothing, What gives anyone know why I can’t get them to work?

help would be appreciated

Are you running under dx8 or not? I know the ep2 eye shader usually has fallback’s to dx8 but those are dropped since it’s buggy.

honest answer, i have no fucking clue :expressionless:

what graphics card do you have?

I don’t remember the exact because i got it last april but its an ATI Radeon, its not a bad one, i can play gmod, and all other source games on full resolution everything and it won’t lag unless i go on with other players. Plus gears of war pc full resolutions. It worked before, but at some random point stopped working

Try adding -dxlevel81 to the command line see if that fixes it.

Have you updated them recently?

Missing materials? Or just too high setting? Or update your graphics driver?

weird, the eyes work again, I didn’t even do anything :S