GMOD ep2 particle problem

So i reinstalled my gmod, and added HL2 EP2 to te mount list, restarted gmod. First I spawned a hunter. But he shoots flechettes, but no muzzleflash and no trails. They also just dissapear without giving a nice explossion, they just do damage. When i look in console he says im missing like 5 particles. Looked in my GCF, and indeed the pcf werent there. But i played the radio station level in EP2 and the hunter just shoots those awesome looking flechettes with all their effects :confused: Is there a way to fix this. When they explode they also dont make sound, its just quiet :frowning: And the jalopy doesnt make sound to, while the other sounds works fine. Props works fine to. Is there a way to fix this. Or perhaps i can make a list of the particles i miss and someone can upload them (Illegal ?) Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


I have the EXACT same problem as this guy : Im missing the same particles :slight_smile: He says he fixed it but how ?

I Looked at my GCF’s and episodic 2007 and episode two content where 99 and 99.92%, while steam says 100%. Deleted them, now reinstalling to see if it works :confused:

Could’ve just verified cache but whatever. :v:

? What do you mean

Right-click Episode 2 in steam games list > Properties > Local Files > Verify Cache

It checks for missing/corrupted files and redownloads them.

Thanks i will try. Otherwise its my own stupid fould xD The account i have gmod on is VAC banned en i have the orangebox on an other account, so i made an addon of episode two content etc.


Particles are working, still no sound :confused: