Gmod Epic Time: Episode 1

Hey guys :smiley:
After a REALLY REALLY bad criticism, I would like to post this video and i expect ONLY good criticism.
If you have bad criticism, just dont say things like “this is a crap video”
put things like:
next time edit it better, use different fps, etc.
Thank you :smiley:

No, Your introduction is horrible, a lot of 2007 fads and it makes no sense. At least try and put effort into it like the Gmod idiot box and others that have passed.

So it’s a collection of badly posed screenshots, and the parts that aren’t screenshots are flailing ragdolls.

Both of these are not funny, it needs alot of work.

Why did you make two threads on this?

Oh god… That was horrible. Why? Because one there was no thought or effort put into this, two it has been done way too many times it’s not funny anymore, and three why? WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS?!

Freaking god is that SO bad.

I don’t technically understand why this video even exists!

Quick, someone lock this thread!

looks like you made this when you got bored, or you dident put a lot of effort into this. its nothing new and has been done a thousand times. just some constructive criticism :confused:

Im a friend of FDC/GGutlansky, and he says he got banned from here… Why? Because he posted it two times? Everybody can make a mistake! Why didnt he get a warning? He just got banned for “trolling or dumbness”? Isnt that a little harsh? Calling him dumb for making his first video and want feedback? Just my opinion, if this forum is so fragile, why even let new users register? If you just ban them at once they post something? Will i get banned now? … Just my opinion, Anderen2…

Did you not read the thread?

Yes i did, he starts by saying that he dont want any bad comments without a reason for it(Maybe not easy to understand, but if you read twice :slight_smile: ), he gets lots of bad critic. And then he get banned, for being “dumb”… Anything else i missed? Anderen2 :slight_smile:

[realy offtopic]
And it still dosent justify that he got banned without any warning, he just posted and got banned. Couldnt explain himself or anything… Ive noticed that alot of people get banned from here, just if they do one thing wrong… This forum dosent need more mods, it need “Mod-Mods!”. Its like being kicked out of a country just for being in the wrong place or walking on red… Just that he didnt get any explanation of what he did wrong other than “banned for being dumb…”. Cant we just have an IQ-test when you register then?

I tried to help him:
He didn’t listen.

“i want only good criticism”

the only answer you’ll get is silence