GMod equivalent of Nazi Zombies

I’m quite annoyed how there isn’t a good version of this in GMod. I think the gamemode tag for this kind of defense thing was OC or something. You had to defend against either combine or zombies (and antlions too I think) or all of them together.

But in Call of Duty 5: World at War, Nazi Zombies is probably very unique out of many other zombie games, because you need to kill to get points (or money basically) and you could either get a gun off a wall or you could go to the GODLY BOX OF RANDOM WEAPONS (in which strangely it kept giving us the awesome burst-fire german machine gun and the ray gun) and choose a gun for about 950 or a thousand points.

An example of how our rounds usually went was like this (Nacht der Untoten):

Level one had around 6 zombies to start off with, they had 5 places to possibly enter.
Continuing to Level 4, once (we) opened the door to the box room they had 3 more places to get in, so that made up 8 total places for them to come get us.

We constantly switched roles and ran back and forth trying to get rid of them (it was 2 of us) and constantly getting invaded via the box room.

After we got to a certain level (e.g. level 9/10) or got good enough weapons (any machine gun or a ray gun) we used the Box Room’s stair access, which THEN opened up 5 more places, and now they had 13 places to invade from, so we chose a corner and stuck to it.

Basically I want a gamemode that’s very much like Nazi Zombies. Sadly it could require custom animations and scripts to remake the type of zombies used in Nazi Zombies.

What the features of this are:

((windows) that can be rebuilt, giving you 25 points, and 50 if you get the “2x Points” bonus that lasts 20 seconds.)
-**Barriers (stairs/doors) that can be removed **
(for a certain reason, e.g. a random magical box)
-**Weapons on the wall **
(starting weapons cost 300, the next room’s are 1000, and any remaining rooms go to 1500)
-**The magical box **
(costs whatever reasonable amount (usually 600 to a thousand points) and when used will go through a catalog of weapons and give you a random one)
-**Variety of weapons **
(shouldn’t use GMod/CSS weapons as they’re too fucking generic. Although Day of Defeat weapons could be handy due to the fact Nazi Zombies is mostly WW2 themed and DOD has weapons related to the ones used)

Small details:

Health: Players get health that can regenerate, but they can be killed. Two hits (or four if you want) should down a player, and if he dies after 15 seconds of lying on the floor then he has to wait until the round is over, and he’ll start with a pistol as if he had started on level 1.

Weapon types:

Sub-machine guns
Machine guns
Explosives (rockets/molotovs/etc)
One special weapon (e.g. the ray gun which is a 1-hit kill gun)

Total number of levels: Infinite
Zombies each round: n + 1 (so LVL1: 6, LVL2: 13, LVL3: 21, LVL4: 30, etc)

Perks/Bonuses/whatever you want to call them:
Max Ammo - Fills any lost ammo to the top
2x Points - Double the points you usually earn (so 20 pts for reparing a window turns into 40)
Nuke - Kills all zombies currently spawned (only half the number of zombies on that level are spawned at the moment of time)
Instant Kill - Any weapon or melee attack does max damage to a zombie (instant kill basically)

One bonus I would like to see added:
Repair all windows

But it shouldn’t come as a random zombie death, it should come every 5 rounds.

Other notes:

Each round zombies will recieve 10 health
Each round random zombies will get faster (so most are slow but then you get a running one)
Two smacks (should be 4 for gmod) and you’re downed
It takes 4 seconds to revive a downed teammate.

-Maps are not outside, or there is not much to use outside
-Most of the maps are inside and are fairly small
-Zombies should not be like Half-Life 2, they should be custom due to it being more unique.

I may/may not continue adding more, but I’ve tried my best for what I think would be a good gamemode.
And please comment, anything I’ve missed would be very handy.



Do want

Oh hey all that effort didn’t go to waste typing my thread up :smile:

At least this reassures that I’ve put some idea in there.

i guess someone could edit the original zombie survival to suit this gamemode. then again, making it scratch wouldn’t be hard either. would be pretty cool to see this happen though.

But building onto another gamemode is not the best way in my opinion but then again I do not code, but I imagine it is the same as a mapper stealing content from other mappers.

I might work on this.

i guess i could do some mapping for natch der untoten

This is Brilliant, id enjoy reliving Nazi Zombies. But for Gmod id imagine this would be called Minge Zombies.

i would also map new levels if they wanted

Someone was working on a nazi zombie gamemode before… I think his name was -TB-…


Found it:


Do it. And yeah tb’s gamemode pretty much died, i really dont know what happened to it. Anyways, people repeatedly requested this type of game mode, espicially when Nact Der Untoten was created in Gmod. If somebody did this, I’m sure it would be extremely popular.
also, somone edited the running zombie to having a Nazi zombie skin and sounds, but its extremly buggy (to the point where I think it has over 1000 health and when it tries to hit you it has a pause when it stops moving, then takes 3 seconds to attack you)

Mhhh. It’s not dead. I’m working on the map more.

All the perks work, all the power-ups from zombies work. I’m going to finish it. I’ve been working on the map alot lately and plan to get it done very soon.