gmod error 'cant load manifest file'

hi, every time i try to run Garry’s mod it crashes and says ‘unable to load manifest file soundscrpit_manifest’ and closes. i checked my script files, its in the folder. I’ve removed them and then reinstalled gmod, still get the error. I’ve defraged files and verified integrity of the files. I’ve reinstalled many times. im not sure if i installed a addon/mod recently that might have messed it up. if so how can i get the original file back? i have also updated all my svn files but that hasn’t seem to work. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
and for those who might think i pirated it, here u go

go to FP home, scroll down, there is a gmod section you know.

Wrong forum. :fuckoff:

oops ma bad. ill go put it where its supposed to be :3: sorry