GMod Error - Unable to decipher the problem.

Alright, let me say beforehand that, yes, I am working with the help of CapsAdmin, as well as friends, to solve this issue. But we’re stuck.

Now, onto the problem. PAC3 causes my game to crash. And only PAC3. I’ve gone to extensive lengths to verify this. From reinstalling Garry’s Mod, to swapping graphics cards and reinstalling Windows 7 itself.

The problem, narrowed down a little by looking at all the .mdmp files, is this:

44(36.179266):  Reading externally referenced elements is not supported!

CapsAdmin has no idea what it is referencing, what elements it uses outside of the game, but the only thing he says is that,
“I don’t know what it means and it’s not coming from pac3 itself, but it could be something that pac3 does that’s making source engine print that”

Here’s a link to the cleanest .mdmp file that I have, where all I do is attempt to load into gm_flatgrass with HL2 and the Episodes mounted.

Now, does anybody have any ideas?

Is that being printed in your console or are you just seeing that with an mdmp viewer?

Seems like a problem with Awsomium due to reading external “elements”.

Side note: Looking at the dump,you have a AMD A6-6400K APU. It seems you’ve installed a 32 bit version of windows on a 64 bit processor :s ( I recommend re-installing a 64 bit copy )

Who knows (I sure don’t) maybe 32 bit Awsomium is not getting along with garrysmod :p?

That’s just what I see from the .mdmp when I open it in notepad. The game crashes at the ‘loading resources’ stage when loading into anything, so I can’t see anything in the console unless I look at the mdmp.

It’s actually an AMD A8-6600K APU, and I’m running a 64 bit version of Windows 7.

I’m guessing no-one knows anything, or could help?