GMOD Error

Whenever I start up Garry’s Mod I have a giant pink and black squares covering 3/4quarters of the screen, whenever I join a server it still has the giant squares and then it exits to my desktop mid way through joining. The only way I can join servers is joining a friend from Steam before launching Garry’s Mod. I’m really puzzled why it’s doing this it’s only been doing this for the past week. If anyone knows why i’d appreciate the help! :downs:

Also whenever I press ESC in game it does the same thing.


Can you post a pic?


Looks like your main menu is missing too. Have you tried reinstalling or verifying the game?

Yeah I was trying to see if it was anything to do with game files before reinstalling it, i’ll try it now.

You can verify your game by clicking this.

Wow okay it’s fixed, I feel like an idiot for not trying this :eng101: Thanks so much though :dance: