Gmod Error's and purple black textures NEED HELP!

Hey. Yesterday I buy Gmod 10 on Steam.
On the acc is tf2 and cod mw2. Now when I play gmod Rollplay on the map rp_townsend_v1p I have a lot of errors. See on the Pictures.
And here the picture from a friend.
I load the addon wire,phx3,css textures and use the gfc data von portal an css from another acc.

Can you Help me ? How can i fix the errors an textures?

Here is the report from the console when i Join the server with RP
Please Help me!

Sorry for my englisch but I come from germany :slight_smile:

Making a new thread won’t help. :sigh:

It’s a Support and Help Forum isnt it?
Why no one can Help me?? -.- .____.
baaaaad… baaaaaad… baaaaaddd…


The purle black checker board is becuse of a missing texture. All your pictures is a 404 so i cant see what prop it is wrong with. If it is something that isnt hl2 then i suggesst you to contact the author of the model/texture or if its from another game… well check your mounts etc?
Mount hl2 is Ok. AAnnnd I load the gfc from css in gmod addons and when i push q I see the css Props but I cant spawn them. And when I spawn weapons from the list they are lila purple.

… Pls help

Looks like you don’t have any CSS content, ehm, did you buy counter strike: source?

No. But i load the gfc from css in gmod adons

You need to have bought CSS to even acces stuff from the gfc, since there wouldn’t be any gcf from css if you never bought it.

You dont put the gcf from a game in addons to mount it. Go to Gmod settings and check counter strike: source, Wait you even own that game?

He said he didn’t. Apparently there is a way to mount stuff from other games using addon format, but yeah, he doesn’t own CSS.

You can’t have source games content, if you don’t own the game.
When you own a source game, you can mount it via the main menu, then ‘GMod Mount Options’ or something like that.

I made this with the css gfc