Gmod Essentials - 2011 Maps - Submissions And Suggestions

Sup everyone,

I’d thought of creating a list (And pack if all permissons allow me) of all the essential maps to make Gmod the epic game it is.

This can be anything from a modified flatgrass or an awesome eye candy map.


  • Post The Map Name And Download Links

  • Post Creators Name And Possibly Contact (Facepunch ect)

  • Screenshots

  • Breif Description

  • Youtube videos, ect


  • Post Maps With No or little description / screenshots

  • Post Multiple Maps ; Post Max of 3 per post

  • Post maps without creators name.


Want to help choose the short list - Email me here or PM Me !


So something which we could do in the map pimpage thread?

Frankly I can’t be bothered to do all the stuff you said, but gm_atomic and gm_bigcity need to be on there. And rp_catisland when it comes out :v:

OP I would advise you request this thread be closed as we already know what maps are awesome and this forum isn’t all just go GMod…

Welcome to the gmod mapping forums. The only place on the gmod site where we collect to talk about l4d mapping, half life mapping, and anything else source or unreal based. Yeah…rogue forum ftw.

This thread is useless.

People have their own opinions and want to use their own ideas.

Let the thread die or get it locked cause this thread has as much use as sticky tape building a house.

Modelling forum aren’t all gmod too.