[Gmod.exe crashing when editing lua file]

For some reason, gmod.exe or hl2.exe has been crashing for me when I’m editing files outside of gmod, these files are not even related to gmod, meaning I could be writing a letter to my grandmother and then the game will all of a sudden crash.

I haven’t done any extensive testing with this, but it started doing this around around two months ago. A few other people I have spoken with said they are experiencing the same thing.
Any information on this would be dope :slight_smile:

verify integrity of game?

I wish it was that easy hehe, I’m not subscribed to a fuckload of addons, simply my own content packs and thats about it.
I own Half Life and CSS.

After doing a few more tests, it crashes as soon as the any type of text files are saved.

Please note: I am not editing files that are in any way associated with Garry’s mod
Meaning i’m not editing gmod files in any way.