Gmod Exiting

I have problem because I want to play with my friend on Garry’s Mod through Hamachi ( Before we were able together but now when I make a server it is just fine but when my friend connects my game exits.
Please help!

EDIT: Maybe it’s Hamachi problem because we were able to play on newest version of it but we don’t want come back to newst version because it’s not stable.

you could try buying gmod

I have bought gmod and my friend too -.-

BTW. Try getting normal answers.

Why are you trying to use hamachi to play if you legally own the game?

Because I can’t host server without hamachi because I have BT Internet and it doesn’t have options to host server normally just like (Go in the GMod, Create Server and invite friend). I have to create server through Hamachi then.

SOLVED: We both downloaded version of Hamachi