Gmod Exits (No Error Message)

Hello all, I am currently having problems with Garrys Mod since the latest update. I click play the game, and the game starts then goes to the blue screen with the loading image in the corner.

Loading Screen

After the screen is there for maybe 3 seconds garrys mod closes to my desktop without an error message. I’m not sure what the problem is, I tried numerous times to fix it including delete and unsubscribing to all mods, delete every trace of garrys mod then redownloading, verifiy integrity of files, and etc. Nothing has helped, I notice GMOD is making Mnidump (mdmp) files in the folder but I can’t read these since I would have to wait 40 years to get debug tools downloaded. Does anyone know any information on this? I have searched google and this forum to know avail.

I’m not sure if sharing these dump files on here is allowed but here is a link, if it is not allowed I am sorry it can be removed NQA.

try deleting all the .gma files in your addons.
That will give GMod another priority whilst loading to re-install the addons.