Gmod Extraction Tools

hello facepunch, like ive said before, im new to this place, but i make animations, and well im plannin somethin big, anyway there is a descent amount of useful assets put in gmod, and i know its possible with decompilers and such. so without knowing whether everyone here is against it or not, id like to know if anyone can help me find out how to do it, and what ill need, i know i need at least three programs. just dont ow what. thanks in advance.


right, forgot i was posting this thread on… -_-

Sorry but I got insulted and such for typing wrong.

lolk (GMod) i think i got it now…

Thankyou, I hate reading posts from illiterates.


No, wait. I still have no idea what he’s asking.


You can’t get pissy for us refusing to accept something that looks like it was written by a five year old.

I’m sorry, but it’s genuinely difficult.

And I’m a bit autistic.

seriously there was nothing wrong with my post. all he fixed was “its” to “it is”, and “im to i am.” My question is if anyone can help me find out or link me to, information on, or programs for, extracting models and textures from gmod files?

Edit: i was actually making a joke in relation to the first response being a grammatical improvement (not correction, because i wasnt wrong) and not an answer to the question, i didnt get pissy. ill be sure to finish my posts with “/joke” from now on.


Oh, I see! No problem. You want GCFScape.

I assume from GMod files, you mean the GMod .GCF, right?

Do you ever reply on pm?

yes sir, just did, sorry i havent been on the site in a few hours (due to a transformers movie crave)

but i have, and i did, and – i have nothing else to say now…

directed to ZOMG: thank you, oddly ive had gcf scape for quite sometime now and have literally no idea why i downloaded it first, maybe i had this GMod ripping interest for awhile now… anyway, is that all ill be needing? or will i need to decompile textures or something along that line?

I do not think source is that hard to do stuff with.

No, GMod runs on the source engine, meaning all the models and textures will work with any source game (except perhaps L4D/2).

Back in 2006 and 7 you would be.

Was it banable to have bad grammar?


well depends what do you consider bad grammer?
“and well im plannin somethin big”
or this:
“nd wull i plann som’in big”

“id like to know if anyone can help me find out how to do it”
or this:
“i wnt 2 no if ne1 help find out how 4 me 2 do it”

my only spelling error was me putting “ow” because we all get to typing fast and sometimes only think about putting the “kn” and pass over it.

oh and “descent” which should only be “decent” but i always mess up on that one.

The thing you described there is called 0-9 year kid.

Theres 3 different I think.

Please detect the difference.

  1. Hello I am/I’m 16 years old. I have/I’ve got good grammar.

  2. hello im 16 years old. ive got good grammer.

  3. hai im 16 y3rs i haz good gramer

well true but, i dont think i’ve and i’m are bad grammar, maybe if i was writing poetry, but i think contractions are ok on forums, at least i wasnt using 1337speak.

It was the best one there was to get… It is the first one and I ment it to be good grammar. While the other two are bad grammar.