Gmod Fading Door animation not working! Need HELP urgent!

Hello, Over the Past few days I have been trying to solve an Error which is really getting in the way of me playing Garry’s Mod. Basically the problem is when I use a fading door or anyone else, I cant see through the prop. The Prop which is fading goes no-collided but still remains, A good example I have of this is " A prop is materialised with a fading door on it, When the prop fades the prop goes back to default unmaterialised " I have some screens here to show - . Ok I have done plenty of research and I cant seem to find much at all, Here is the list of things I have tried

  • Renaming my Cashe, Downloads and other folders so it would generate a new one
  • Locating the heatwave.vtf File which is the file which is suppose to be the animation for the fading door tool
  • Installing different Fading door tools
  • Re installing Gmod
    And more things that I can not think of at this moment, I really Desperately need this working again soon. I play alot of DarkRP and as most of you know the Fading door tool is very important for Shooting hole’s/Doors.

Thank you for Reading and I hope you can help me sort this out :slight_smile:

Still anyone?