Gmod Fast Dl Help

So I made some hats out of hexed Tf2 items from Workshop. They work fine with Garry’s Mod in Sp and I’m curious how I would get the people joining my server to download them.

When I downloaded these items they saved in my addons folder as blahblahblah.gma…So I converted them to their basic materials/models folder and put them in my materials/molders folder. I then edited a lua for pointshop making it so those hats can work. I am curious how I get people to download these things to the correct place and which ones do they need to download. Do they need the workshop link, do i just need them to download the coverted materials/models?

All help is appreciated

You can either use FastDL or WorkshopDL. FastDL requires you to have your own webserver. Which one do you want to use?