Gmod Fast DL Problem - Clients can't download certain files

As the thread title suggests, on my Fast DL site the clients for my gmod server can’t download “some” files from models, sounds, or materials. The ending result is that custom weapons will spawn, but are pink/black checkered textures without sound effects and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m hoping someone can see why it’s not working. Take for example the “usas” weapon in the resource file below, those files related to it in models, sounds, and materials are not downloaded to the clients but they clearly exist on the Fast DL site.

Fast DL link:

Here’s my resources.lua file:

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Yes, I have already selected Options > Multiplayer > Allow all custom content to be downloaded.

I’ve had three clients test the server, same results.

It looks like your resource file is good. You should use SourceRSC to mirror the files to your http server. Then open your addons folder in your fastdl location and drag all your content into models materials sounds etc. P.s I can hardly type to your post because the big txt file is making me lag. You can get SourceRSC here

Yeah I was going to try that next, thank you. I should mention that the addons files in that folder are not really addons that I use, but rather unused files that were synced by my server host and never removed, because I can’t fully control what the Fast DL sync takes and I can’t even delete what exists on there now.

You could try buying some webhosting for FastDL. Looks like your current one uploads addons and gamemodes too.

Already did, tried for a pure “redirecting” account, same problem of the files not downloading entirely. So I entirely deleted my server, starting over again. I’m doing all of the SteamCMD downloading from my own computer, because I swear something is getting screwed up by the server host.

I’m working on using SourceRSC right now.

Edit: Completely dropping server host, I’ve wasted 10 days with this company and I can’t do it anymore. Looking for new one with at least 25ms ping average. Any suggestions would be great, I’m willing to pay $60 a month if I have to for a host that functions properly.

I haven’t bought public space before, but I’ve looked into NFOservers.

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If I ran a server on NFO, It would cost 20 dollars a month apparently. Not too bad.

I just purchased a membership with NFOservers, I already feel pretty confident that everything will work. Because now I don’t have to completely start over whenever I mess up because I can directly edit the Fast DL without having to put the files in the server at all.