Gmod FastDL Downloads ALL the maps!

Hi so I have hired a server from (Buy gaming servers . com ) and I got the FastDL to work and make players download the needed files but now comes my problem
It downloads ALL of the maps! And I have alot of them which makes the login time really really long! I have about 25 maps and insted of downloading the map currently used it downloads all of the maps in the FastDL and all of the other things that it needs aka skins meterials etc’
How do I make it download only the map that is being used at the moment? It is REALLY important!

Make sure that you have sv_allowdownload set to 0 in your server.cfg and that you are not resource.AddFile’ing maps.

Dude I dont have any of them if my config file
and wont sv_Allowdownload 0 disable my FastDL

No, sv_allowdownload is for ServerDL, aka the slow, default download.

You either have the maps resource.AddFile’d or resource.AddWorkshop’d. Check your Lua files.

I told you I have none of those commands

EDIT IDK why it was an hidden file but

// Fast Downloads
sv_downloadurl “”
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

Yeah I placed Censored because I dont want you guys to know my username and password

You do realise that everyone can get your download url by just typing sv_downloadurl in console, right? Because right now anyone joining your server knows both your username AND password…

Also, you shouldn’t have sv_allowdownload and upload set to 1 because one, if you have any files in your server directory not on your FastDL, it will download them, and two, sv_allowupload is still exploitable.

No just my username
Which I dont mind if they know becuase trust me its really secure
And I was told that without sv_allowupload it will take hours to go thorugh sending client info which will be annoying and make pepole leave before the downloads end
Guys I need help not criticizm

We are helping you, you’re just not listening. I’ve said it once and will say it again, check your god damn lua files. The only reason all maps are downloaded at once is because you’ve added all maps to the download queue with resource.AddFile.
If you have issues finding it, download the entire fucking lua folder and all addons, put everything in one folder and get Sublime Text or Notepad++ and scan the whole folder for resource.AddFile snippets.

No point censoring your URL, anyone joining your game can find out what it is.

By default it will only download the current map. You MUST have told it force download the other maps, either by your own code or code you’ve copied and pasted. Do what Svenskunganka said and check all the files for resource.AddFile ( or AddSingleFile ).

“I was told that without sv_allowupload it will take hours to go through sending client info” I’ve never heard any such thing.

Then there was no need to censor it if it just contains your username.

Check your lua files and turn off allowupload.

Ok I am sorry I made you guys mad and I know that I am a noob and I am checking it now
Downloaded my entire lua folder addons folder and cfg just in case and I am going to open all of them up and search for it
And I never even setup my fastdl its being setup automaticly by a press of a button
I hope I can fix it with your help
Will edit after I did it (It will take a while)
Not the a single match using notepad++ on lua and cfg so prob my map mod Kmapmod
Ok I just when through every lua file I have in lua folder cfg folder and addons folder
I found a 5 matches which were simply downloading a few icons
Is there anything else that could have done it?
For now I am going to try a diffrent map vote mod and see how it goes
okay I have deleted ALL of the addons and its still downloaded all of the maps how do I fix it???

Did you check the lua folder in the root of the game? Not everything has to be in an addon

I checked every single lua file that there is
Its not it
Actually on my fastdl I simply have a folder that I drag what I want them to download
I dragged all the skins maps and the other shit
And its SHIT
It keeps on downloading all the maps which make the download time over 15 minutes! NO ONE stays THIS LONG

Post your server.cfg and FastDL lua file.

You are restarting the server after making these changes, right?

And seriously, this is getting annoying now. You’re not doing something we’re telling you to. The game didn’t just decide to force every player to download every single map on the server. You’re either not doing what we’re telling you to exactly as we say or you’re skipping some files.

Nope. Every file that ends at .lua was checked I made sure of it
Also I just removed EVERYTHING and done NOTHING but install the maps and its STILL downloads all of them which means that by default it will downloads everything

Absolutely not. The game will not force you to download every map the server has. That’s beyond stupid. You’re missing a file somewhere or you’re not searching thoroughly.

Perhaps your gamemode is doing it.

Checking the gamemode folder but I doubt it
nope -hits
I really have no idea now