gmod files

for some reason whenever i download a new gmod file, like sweps or stools they never show up in gmod, i put them in the correct folders, and yet they dont show up. am i missing something


what could it be

Don’t put EVERY SINGLE FILE you download in addons.
What I do, is open it up, check if it has info.txt file in it, if so put it in addons, if not drag and drop the files into C:/program files/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod. Hope I helped you out!

i dont always use addons. if it says to just put the files in the lua and models folders etc. they dont work either. and i have gmod on another computer and i put the files in the same place on that computer and it works fine.

can any1 plzzzz upload gm_construct??

Stop saying that.

that’s what I do, and it always works. also, whoever gave this dude a Dumb rating; you are a friggin troll-_-
it’s a good idea to try the actual INSTALLING instead of just putting it into addons

actually i just figure out what was wrong, i made a copy of the garry’s mod folder and there was a difference in files, so everything i put in the copy wouldn’t show up. everything is working now