Gmod Files!!

I downloaded a whole bunch of shit from and now like nothing works. my easy welder, no collide and some other tools just dont work at all. HELP!! can anyone tell me how to uninstall the files? or tell me the files that are in the game when u download it.


I don’t think just because he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer that he’s a troll.

You can uninstall addons by cleaning Gmod. Do this by either renaming or deleting your garrysmod folder and then running Garry’s Mod. This will create a fresh copy in the old one’s place, removing any and all addons, maps, and anything else you’ve added.

Look at his join date, plus the first post is help. We’ve had a few of these kinds joining to troll with this reason “HELP ME!”

if troll, GTFONOOB. if not, hardrive-program files-steam-steamapps-steamusername-garrysmod-garrysmod-addons-‘file name’

Thanks alot

Yea they’re trolls because they need help :downs: