[Gmod Film] Where da hax

Hi everyone, it’s the first time i post here and i make movie:
There’s not really history, so i can call it a test :wink:

PS: Pleaes do not laugh at the Mouse Sound effects ahah!

I was actually enjoying it until Dr. Hax.

That was actually quite good.

What the fuck was that?

This was actually pretty damn good. My only suggestion is to work on the editing for the first part, while it’s done well it’s erratic and annoying towards the end. Constant defocus and zooming out isn’t as cool as it is on paper.

cl_drawhud 0. i am pretty sure it will make it so kill list dont show up.

Maybe you want to say hud_deathnotice_time 0

Yeah, i’m sorry for Dr Hax, i was bored and i wanted to end up.

Sorry foar mah bad englissh.