Gmod: Fixed npcs!!!

Hi, I was playing gmod and I having fun with HL: S Npcs. In random moment I hear a scientist saying “Lead on”. It was strange because as long as I have a Gmod Npcs haven’t a sentence scripts but in latest update it was fixed. It’s also fixed closed captions! Oh! This update also come with fix for NPC GUI (Squad following); now it works correctly!

It looks like you messed up your IMG tags. The proper way is this:


[/noparse] for small images and [noparse]
[/noparse] for large images.


But yeah, it’s nice that these are fixed.

ok, without imgs

So you’ll be able to play the campaign if you have all the NPC scripts and game files? Cause I don’t understand what you mean.

Basically what he’s saying is that the most recent update fixed NPCs from HLS or something. I have no idea why he posted it here or what relevance it has to anything, but it is cool that the recent update fixed a ton of stuff.