Gmod folder refresh

Is it possible to add a system for refresh the gmod folder without to have restart the game?

Because for me it take 1 minute to start the game and about 2-5 minutes for load!

I thought of this earlier but you would have to first look at how much time on startup is for loading addons. I’m not very knowledgeable about the startup, but it may be the case that 90% of startup time is already spent on addons, in this case it wouldn’t do “shit” to make an addons reload function.

On the other hand this may be a good idea, considering that if a substantial amount of time is spent loading other things during the startup sequence, then some time may be saved from having to reload those non addon related things.

I thought garry once said that this was not possible

Well, you do reload the folder when you start up gmod, so it should be somewhat (more or less) possible to unload (kinda rewind) and then reload the part of the startup sequence. Maybe he should make addons load a different way, didn’t he say something about remaking the addons? Maybe he will remake it so it will be possible, since he will be remaking it all anyways. He might as well.