GMod folder wiped?

It was only a few days since i played gmod so i launched it but today it said that my cloud saves couldnt load so i clicked on play anyways, later on i couldnt launch because gameinfo.txt was missing so i checked my gmod folder and noticed that most of what i had was wiped including vpks and some folders have been modified on 1/1/2014 7.57 PM at almost the same time, the data folder has been wiped only leaving a file for a loadout addons.

The downloads folder was modified at the same time the data folder was, addons folder was not wiped clean leaving several gma’s behind.

But what i’m afraid of is that a folder called Cheat Engine was created and another called comtypes_cache which both i do not recognize seeing it named as Cheat Engine i went in and saw Temp. files in it and because of the name i deleted it immediately.

Cheat engine was NOT running while gmod or any source game was open so i dont see why the temp files would be created there for any reason.

I found this pretty strange and wondered if anyone had a similar experience or if this was a normal random bug.

[del]I don’t feel safe not posting about this so i’ll try joining a server to see if im GAC banned or anything[/del]

well that was abit of paranoia i’m not GAC banned, and i have changed my password, just want to know whether this is known.

would be helpful to list recent servers

Just do a clean installation of gmod again. Don’t worry, your addons will be re-downloaded again once you start the game. Or verify the integrity of game cache in Properties.

the most recent server on the legacy browser is my local ip although i think that is just a bug since it has 2000 ping and 0/0 players

the most recent that isnt a bug would be “” it was a TTT server that i only stayed for about 5 minuites

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nah, that isnt what im worried or sad about the most. i lost some work thats all, just wondered whether it was normal or just a random error

i also am worried that i am flagged for a GAC ban because of the cheat engine folder, is there a way i can see who has logged into my steam account and from where? like in facebook?

Well if .vpk’s are missing the game would be corrupted as it contains most of the game’s content, so you should atleast verify the integrity of the game.

I have already reinstalled it to clean it
Im just worried that maybe someone has been into my account and had me flagged for GAC, even though its (delayed?)

Files that are not added to the workshop doesn’t save accross multiple computers on the same account. You should’ve gotten a mail about the autorization code to log into the steam account if another person tried to log into your account.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the Steam Cloud doesn’t sync custom addons right?

You should be fine, although you might have Cheat Engine on your computer. It’s a program that allows one to modify some variables for games on diffrent sites such as newgrounds and those kind of games. Works for normal games aswell, but not many.

ah right, steam guard.
that kinda ruled out the possibility of a hijacker, thanks.

im not really sure what steam could syncs for gmod.