Gmod font are too tiny on ubuntu

All font on derma panel/in general are really too tiny,how i can fix this ?
Example :

For some reason, the custom fonts garrysmod ships with, doesn’t seem to load on every distribution, which may appear as fonts too small etc.

There is a simple workaround, but before I describe it, did you also check if the font is the same on linux/windows? Does the text look the same on windows and linux (except from size of course)?

On windows the text is right and big. On ubuntu he is very very small.

So I guess you mean the text is different.

Then try to copy garrysmod fonts into the system fonts folder (gmod is very picky, it doesn’t look in the local fonts folder for some reason).

First look into the folder /usr/share/fonts is there a TTF or truetype folder? You will need to copy the garrysmod fonts in there.
Open a console, and type this:

#                                      path to your garrysmod installation plus gmod fonts                      v use TTF or truetype depending on the folder structure
sudo cp /home/youruser/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/resource/fonts/*.ttf  /usr/share/fonts/TTF

# now type:
sudo fc-cache
sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig 

Then start garrysmod and see if it makes a difference.

cp: la cible '/usr/share/fonts/TTF' n'est pas un répertoire

And thanks your for your reply.

Can you print the contents of this folder out?
ls -l /usr/share/fonts/