GMOD for Education (Middle School STEM Class)

Hey there,
I am a middle school STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) teacher in NYC. I have been using Gmod on and off for a year in my class. I have 31 PCs and about 200+ students that come in and out of my lab a semester. I have gotten them hooked on GMOD. They are designing and building, however I do have HUGE issues I need help with. I can’t find anyone else who posted anything on the web about using this in education.


  1. Weapons- I know if I create a server I can click NO Weapons, but I want to drop some script on each PC so none of them can create single or multiplayer with weapons. Including spawning them or picking them up from an NPC.

  2. Saving - Some kids create amazing contraptions. Is there anyway to save them? Advanced Duplicator would be the best? Can I save an entire server?

  3. I have just basic GMOD installation. What else can I install that will be educational? Wiremod I heard is good. True?

Any help would be appreciated by not only me but about 200 students who now have an interest in engineering.


Well i think that the weapons issue might be a problem because, to my knowledge, you can’t restrict what other people’s gmod installation does. One alternative could be to setup a server for your class, maybe a computer in the corner? where all the students can connect, that would allow you to have full control.

Wiremod is really good, I used it when i was younger and it taught me loads about logic programming and how to structor programmes when i didn’t even know i was doing it, so for me its a must have. But the problem there would be that all the students would have to download wiremod.