Gmod for hl1 an awsome mod i found

go on this moddb page to see a gmod hl1 mod called go-mod
i put it in discussion because its still gmod but hl1

Woo. That’s pretty cool. I’ll check that out later thanks :slight_smile:

wow so its basically entmod but with less features amazing.

Ima like’in this mod!

Thanks for that tip off!
Im downloading now!

Finally! Someone listened!

Wow sweet. I personally don’t own half life 1 but I will try this at my buddies house. I might buy hl1 just for this :stuck_out_tongue:

An npc spawning mod? what?

i listed this because i know people wanted a hl1 gmod mod


no prob


good to know that


no its garrys mod but in hl1

Whatever happened to AdminOP?

In it, players of online HL1 could spawn props, copy, rotate, like a physics gun. Along with animating them to move around, buttons to make doors open, ect. Also had radio’s for music, grappling hook, trails, - speed, and other fun features…

I miss it…

This might be a good helping aid for those who don’t want to get get into source.

If I hadn’t seen the download link, I wouldn’t have believed it.

There have been two prior HL1 mods that have used physics engines. I can’t recall what the mod names were, but I know at least one of them used some form of Havok.

There was never a “physics gun”, just an entity gun that could move stuff around and destroy it. All of the rotating / creating was done purely with console commands.

It’s been years. :confused: .

Don’t ruin my fun.


wow, a hl1 gmod…

They’re remaking hl2 engine?

Holy crap hl1 physics? Holy crap
I would play but…

  1. My pc broke
    But… I have it?

no its just hl1 but they’ve just put hl2 enimies in


Heres the fix

I have this.

Is fun.

But the game lags like fuck when I use Physgun.

oh it dosent for me

hum why don’t they simply do this on half life : source ?

This game is for LOW END computers.