Gmod freeze in loading screen

i was playing gmod some minutes ago,then a blackout suddenly shut off everything.when i turned on the pc,and strated gmod,whichever map i choose or whicehever mode i choose,the game freeze at the loading screen,(tried only single player so far)and when i go to task manager,its says hl2.exe “not responding”.what can i do?

first, post it in the right section.
second. verify cache integrity
third reinstall gmod

It’s still loading. Post how long you wait. If its more than 10 mins delete your garrysmod folder, try if it doesnt work re-install Gmod.

First I don’t think he ever knew where ever to post this thread.
And second if you have shit loads of addons then there’s your problem and you’ll just have to wait for your game to load all of them.

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Also if his game says “hl2.exe is not responding” then he has some kind of error, which means it isn’t still loading and he may have to delete Garry’s Mod and reinstall or he may not have the system requirements or he did something to Garry’s Mod to make it not respond at all.

When I’m loading TF2 and I look at task manager whilst it is still loading it says it is not responding. So I must have some error even though it loads after a few minutes.