Gmod freezes on startup screen.

When I boot up Garry’s Mod, it always freezes on the beginning loading screen.
Nothing else, I recently had some errors but I fixed by making a new garrysmod folder.
I know I can run the game because it worked before so system specs wont matter, I’ve also tried running in directX 8.1 so that doesn’t fix it, also tried reinstalling twice.
Any help would be appreciated, I’m on Gmod12 not beta 13.

I’m sure someone will be helpful soon but you might want to search around the forums or post on another thread before making a new thread. Folk around here will tell you to do that in a less friendly manner than I have.

No program is conflicting with hl2.exe, in, say, RAM space perhaps? No hard ware changes, nothing? Just one day out of the blue it started to freeze. No new addons? No old addons that are now broken? Does it run with a clean install, no addons or anything?

Remember when the source update ruined Gmod for a day? I thought it my Gmod (didn’t google like a dumbass) so I wiped my Garry’s mod and it didn’t work.
So, after the update that fixed it came out, I decided to try and play it, wouldn’t boot up, so I reinstalled, and this happened. I’ve reinstalled twice, not addons, complete vanilla, wont start.

And Scotty Wired, I don’t like Necro-Posting, so I didn’t want to reply to anything, also, this seems like this problem is only happening to me.

I hate to bump (and double post) when the thread is still on the first page, but anybody?
I really want to play my favorite game!

honestly Im having the same problem, my advice is just to wait till monday for the full update garry is supposed to be releasing.

Doesn’t that only fix Gmod13?

For me, this fixed nothing any Gmod13 does the same thing as GM12

I have solved the problem!
All you have to do is reinstall Steam.