Gmod freezes when loading

Whenever I load up a server or map, it freezes at ‘Retrieveing server info’ or ‘Sending Client Info’ I can still get in, but it takes 5-10 minutes, which shouldnt be that long. I also cant bring up my overlay, which annoys me.


Dell Insperon 530S
Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @2.20 GHZ
2046 RAM
Direct 9

Bump T_T

Have you got addons?

Addons folder is 228mb. Is that too big?

No this happend to me to …
I restarted whole computer and it helped ( Dont do this )
You just gotta live with it, or you could delete whole gmod folder and reinstall.

Model packs should be fine, but remove other addons

He can have addons like Wire and phx.

Its happened for the last 3 years, on 2 different computers, ONLY on source games… I’m confused, lol.

I think it’s pretty normal to have long load times (the game even freezes for a bit) when joining a server with addons. The load times would be entirely dependent on your computer specs, how many background programs/spyware you have running (virus scanners also slow down read times), and the amount of addon files gmod has to process each join. Something that may help (it helped me), is to delete lua files of addons you don’t need access to in singleplayer, but leave the sounds/models/etc. This will allow you to still see everything on a server, and the server will download any needed lua when you join so everything is still usable.

For example, I deleted all the lua from the stargate addons but left the models. I can join and use stargate on servers that have it, but my load times have been largely reduced from the 1000+ lua I deleted. I just can’t spawn anything stargate related in singleplayer other than models.

when i go to a server everythings fine but when i get shot or something or somthing blow up it lagges like hell then does the hl2.exp thing has stoped woring how do i fix that?