Gmod Freezing on Startup

Basically whenever I startup GMOD and it goes to the blue loading screen, my entire computer freezes. I can play other source games without a problems, like CSS. I have tried uninstalling and deleting all my gmod content two times, verifying game cache two times, restarting my computer many times, and so I just don’t know what to do anymore. It just did it one day and yea…Any tips are appreciated, as I literally cannot play gmod whatsoever.

How long did you wait? my gmod takes a few minutes on startup sometimes

It literally freezes. Like I can’t even move my mouse, alt tab, control alt delete, nothing. I left it like that for maybe ~5mins but it just entirely freezes. I guess I’ll try leaving it alone for longer but this is really strange, I just don’t understand why it would do this out of the blue.

I suggest making the game Windowed mode and changing the resolution low and have Task Manager up or another way to see your PC usage beside it. If you reach 100% on your CPU and/or your GPU you will most likely need to get a new one or overclock.

Post the results here I would like to know.

Will do. The only thing I can think of off of the top of my head would be that I installed a second graphics card onto my computer recently and I don’t believe I played Gmod since. I’ll do what you suggested (and thank you very much!) and then I’ll try taking out the second GPU, as that is the only thing hardware wise that could be messing it up since I didn’t change anything else.

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Hurrah, I found the problem! I took out the second GPU that I installed a little while ago and it fixed the problem. Garrys Mod ran. I tried doing what you said first, but my CPU only went to 16% while my physical memory topped out at 75%, so that isn’t the problem. It was just my second GPU. I guess Garrys Mod just doesn’t support 2 GPU’s then?