Gmod freezing steam at start, uninstalled, now installing gmod freezes steam as well!!

Recently I had problems with gmod freezing up steam so i backed up the main data and uninstalled it.

Now when i try to install it, when it says setting up game cache files, it gets to 100% and steam freezes completely. I let it stay frozen for 1 hour and nothing happened, just stayed frozen. When i turn off steam in the task manager and go to turn on steam, it says “connecting steam account: ****” then it stays there and is frozen again and is “not responding” in task manager.

The only way to fix that is to delete the gmod .GCF file and then try to install gmod again which freezes up steam and the cycle starts again!

Anyone know what the issue is with this? I removed all gmod files out of the steam folder and its a clean reinstall but it still freezes. I can install other steam games but just not gmod…

Bump, it still doing the same thing. Can’t install gmod at all…

At least sc2 phase 2 is up to pass the time, but i still want gmod!

Did you try reinstalling steam?

Yes, I’ve reinstalled steam many times. Still the same. I even reinstalled my anti virus and firewall, well deleted them to see if it would install and still doesn’t work.

Same thing-ish. I had no problems with gmod, then the next day I have open it and it crashes, and not only does it crash, but it crashes steam instantly. I did infact change the resolution and set it to window mode. (I needed to alt tab alot , and I was very laggy so changing the resolution lowers lag, and window mode allows smooth alt tabbing.)
I was thinking about uninstalling gmod, but it would take me too long to back stuff up, and right when I was going to reinstall anyways, I saw this thread. I really need help. I’m going to defragment my hard drive, I ran a chkdsk, and I’m running a full AV scan. (With Microsoft Security Essentials) When I’m done with all of that, I’m going to try again. I will tell you if it works, so you can try, if you haven’t already. I think the main problem is that I installed an update for windows yesterday, and when I looked at the programs it may effect in system restore… Well… the list was massive. Steam wasn’t on the list, nor any games, but the list was so huge… I think that it may have effected G-Mod. If nothing works, I will uninstall the update. If I fix gmod, I will let you know.