Gmod fucks with my discspace at launch

Whenever I launch Gmod, it takes up almost all my disc space, leaving about 120mb left, and even if I close it, the disc space is still taken. I’ve uninstalled Gmod, reinstalled, deleted all addons, and no matter what I’ve tried, it still happens, and I keep having to delete things due to that.

I think one of the problems may be that I have all my source games (besides L4D and HL2) uninstalled, but I have them set to be used in gmod. And sometimes, all my source games are automatically reinstalled, without even alerting me, or steam even telling me that they’ve been downloading.

I’ve been thinking of unchecking my source games in the gmod main menu, but my computer won’t even run well when Gmod takes up my discspace, so Gmod will take almost an hour to start.

Is there some sort of configuration file I can delete? or is there something else I need to do?

Steam is doing this. It reserves disk space to make the game run better, and it’s SUPPOSED to clean up after itself when it’s done.

So I should reinstall steam?

you might have to… hmm…well you’ve tried reinsalling gmod then yes try that

Well, I reinstalled steam and it works now.