Gmod Fun Video 3 - Aircraft

Hey guys,

our third movie is no available, you can find the other 2 on youtube too.
For more informations please read the discription on youtube.

We hope you enjoy it!

i actully really liked this, normally i hate these type of videos.
i like how u kept it in one enviroment, and just did the skecths there.
plus youve got some great editing, like the vats thing.

OMG This is totally awesome!


You know what? I’m subscribing! You rock! I mean, it kicks the tar out of my videos!

I thought it was pretty funny. I always enjoy random videos such as these. :smile:

Why copy my video with gman on the wing? No matter, great video.

i didn’t know that you made a video before, which has a similar scene like in my video, sorry for that,
but i think we had only the same ideas. As i whatched your video i was very suprised about that, it looks
very similar xD

I… I don’t know why I’m laughing at this… but I am.

I have to admit, I am a fan of your videos.

Even though the map is a piece of shit, I thought the video was very entertaining. I liked it.