Gmod func_brush that can't be deleted?

I am making a map that has a func_brush that moves up and down with a parent, basically a platform, but what i soon realized is that i could easily remove this func_brush in game with the remover tool. What I want to know is there a brush that prevents only the remover portion of the toolgun from being used on it (much like func_detail) that can also be parented (or any other means of movement)?

I’ve been looking around hammer wiki and the Garry’s mod wiki pretty much all day for this, but couldn’t find anything.

I think you have to press smart edit then add in a value for gmod_allowtool then set it to none.

i did use that at first, but i prevented me from using any part of the toolgun. All i wanted was to prevent the remover tool from removing it.

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I found a forum post on some other website just now that mentions you can use gmod_allowtools in a format such as:


would this allow the color tool or would it prevent it form being used? maybe this is the key to what i need? (no pun intended)

It allows whatever tools you put in, so color weld ect…
If you don’t include it, you can’t use it.

so what is the format for that?

the key is “gmod_allowtools=color” and the value is “1”?

No it goes like


ok, typing these in right now. if this format works well: i have one last question: would tools with more than one word in it’s name be “ballsocket” or “easyweld” or “advduplicator”?

refer to the console like gmod_tool and have auto complete in console fill you in.

alright i found a console command “toolmode_allow_axis” and I guess it works as a 1 or 0. i’m going to try doing “toolmode_allow_remover” “0” and see what it does

Ok, i tried “gmod_tool_allow_remover” and “0” for the brush today, and it allowed me to remove it, but I could not use any other tool on it. Very odd, huh? Luckily I have all the codes for each tool including stuff like advanced duplicator, so I’ll just put in all of those codes

no hnng.

I meant for the tools with spaces you should look at the console command in game to tell you what to use. like gmod_tool_ballsocket or something

You would do

color ballsocket weld axis


oh a single gmod_allowtools? =( god I’m horribly confused XD

I really isn’t hard to understand. Jesus.

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