GMod funnies and some machinima. Sort of I think.

I am ready for your utter scorn and pitless judgment. Been not fully two months since I lay my eyes on GMod for the first time.

in the end how’d you move the camera and the ragdoll?

Im teh Noob

The cam are called Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras which can be downloaded here.

The dance scene is a combination of locking and keeping different body parts free while knowing what part to move with the mouse. This usually involve a lot of re-filming and yelling at failed mouse movements:)

The ragdoll is a very detailed one what movements are concerned. No face expression or finger poses strangely enough. It can be found here.

And you will need Bullet time effect. Like Matrix. I used this one.

Was good. You seem to enjoy tits.

Well yes. I am a man after all. If it was big hairy asses there would have been room for concern don’t you agree:)

And with all the remakes of Alyx it’s hard not to mess around a bit.

Lol just wait until your vid gets removed for softcore pornography. I’m sure if you put in hairy asses it would be a lot more suitable, since the YouTube mods are faggots.

+5 cool points for making it

-10 for downloading those models like a lonely bastard.

What’s wrong with the models? If people giggle when they see a cleavage, I suggest they stay with videos that shows them hundred ways to die in GMod:)

And I am actually making a bit of fun with this hole sexy Alyx model thing.

Also, the whole grey fuzz between clips is so over used.

I know. I realized after wards I was ripping of Idiot Box. But if you are new to video editing like me, one tend to overlook the fact that some things are cliche.

Never seen Idiot box, but it has been used in a lot of stuff.

My favorite part was the Bush Administration.

I sort of like the Antlion scene best. Took no effort and it was a joke to a friend who got mauld surrounding him self with zombie spawning plattforms. He was hammering the v button forgetting he had turned of noclip:)

I want the models! ALL OF THEM!

Here you go. Big file with a lot of hig-res models. Worth the wait

Lonely little kid. Tisk Tisk, go outside once in a while.