Gmod: Funny randomness (Episode 1)

One day i was bored in gmod and thinked about making a movie… ideas become to me very fast…
And i wanna see what you say about teh movie. If you like it i will made 2nd.
here is link

Use media Tags

 [media,] YOUTUBE LINK [/media] 

Ok im just new ).

Doesnt work

Remove the ,

It’s [noparse]
Link here[/media][/noparse]

To do that type [noparse][noparse][media]Link here

Why he did just not sayed it before?

Not everyone knows about Noparse tags.
Alright, I watched a few sketches, and against all expectations, its actually pretty good.
All you need to do is make up a better name and post in the Videos section.

I watched it all the way trough. Its pretty good.
I saw no ripoffs, wich is rare nowadays.
Also, the metrocop spazzing out made me giggle.

Oh thanks) And yes about the name… i dont have any idea…

How about “G-Man’s Funhouse?”

I will think… its hard

Gman wasn’t even in that video.

Hmm where have I heard that before?

Maybe from others peoples :wink:

I was expecting some unfunny crap but I actually laughed at some of those.

Thx) i am at making 2nd. and be sure, that will be coolest then 1nd