Gmod Gift?

Will Someone Be generous Enough to gift me garrys mod on steam?


This ^
Don’t beg

You don’t have to ^ anymore, we have


We all had to buy it why shouldn’t you?

If I had the money, I would probably done it.
I mean, always happy to see a new player!

You can’t afford a ten dollar game?

Go wash a few cars, mow some lawns, get your mum to buy it using credit card, give her the dosh.

can i have some gold please? i need to buy epic flying

his mom won’t let him spend any more money because he just came back from chucky cheese

ha brings back memories :slight_smile:

Do some online surveys or something.

I’d gift you it, but sadly I am only an eel. :shobon:

Hey, OP money doesn’t come free you know, either go earn it or get out of facepunch, we are here for support not to beg for people to give us garrysmod because you’ve cheated in the pass.

Go to if you don’t have money your self earn it slowly.

Rate me late.