Gmod gives the BSOD when loaded

And this time, not even -dxlevel 81 works.

Yes, I have read the BSOD thread
Yes, All of my drivers are up to date.

I can play tf2 and any other source game fine without problems, but gmod on the other hand…is a different story.

This morning and a few weeks before gmod was working perfectly. Then I decided to piss about with my cpu settings and oc from 2.0 to 2.2 ghz (I am using a amd sempron +3200 with stock of 1.8 ghz). Then I tried far cry 2…it bsod’d on me. Then I tried gmod…same thing. I dont know what im doing wrong here. Rest of system specs.

Windows XP sp2
Geforce 8400 gs (512mb)
1gb ram
Sempron +3200 @ 2.0

Gmod and far cry 2 require more power than other source games. Its most likely the overclock which is doing it

Yea, When I did a full fsb clock (up to 250mhz) with a cpu clock of 2025, Everything becomes unstable.

And I been running at 2.0 for a while now with no problems.

edit: whats strange is, I reinstalled it. A fresh copy of gmod works right out of the box, no issues.

Copied my old addons and transferred to new gmod folder.

No issue’s there. But gun sounds didnt work as I have to add css files to my gmod folder for css content to work, usually the fix was download “zombie hunting weapons” and add “game_sounds_weapons” to my gmod script folder from css. Also copied my map folder to the new one.

Then from there the BSOD issue came again.