Gmod glitch >>plz help<<

Basically on most servers I am stuck in the floor and I cant get myself out, it somtimes says “your stuck goodluck getting out”, but recently ppl have told me you need to delete your dark rp and update it to a newer one? but will i lose anything that i saved?

I believe the problem is connected to ASS or Darkrp and sandbox, each one of them I have tried to connect to and each one i am glitchd on, why is this how do i get rid of ths annoying glitch (possibly gamemode glitch)


Many thank for reading


Did you really miss the entire Garry’s Mod section

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Really, you missed the entire Garrysmod section?

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wow you guys really know how to put a guy down, if you would ACTUALLY realise the actual annoyance of this glitch then you would even dare try to insult someone, apologises if it really KILLS you to see a post in the wrong place (FIRST TIME AS-WELL)

have a nice day

Your server is having some kinda stupid admin mod wich wont let you use noclip.

And that is why it is saying that

And if you’re stuck type kill in your console to make suicide and respawn.

I did, suicide does nothing lol im still stuck in the floor, I can move but half in and out of the floor is still not good :S

So you’re kinda like walking under floor/ground?

wrong section, dont sign your posts, And you joined just for help with a gmod bug? REALLY? Fp has much more to offer, hours of amusment ooking at the same image macros that are only funny when use the right way, posting in the gd at how much people’s lives other then your suck etcetera.

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Home > Garry’s Mod > Help & Support

I asked steam and garrys mod no answer from them, that’s why I posted in so many sections its as if they cba anymore. :S

yes I’m half in the floor and half out when I press ctrl (crouch) I go to the original position when standing but still that doesn’t help :expressionless:

I may have to Reinstall garrys mod… bummer

I’ve haad same kinda problem once.
It fixed after reinstall or was it after next update.

Can’t remember.