GMod Glitch Thread

Post some of your favorite glitches or malfunctions on this thread! My favorite is this one!

Get yourself two chain link fences, and apply a solid material to one of them. Take the shiny or debugwhite material for example.

To the other, apply a transparent animated material, such as the breen shield texture used in his sphere in the end of HL2.

Now place the transparent fence behind the solid fence, and get out your color tool.

Set the render mode to world glow, color to 255,255,255, alpha 255.

Color both props.

Now you can see through the solid color fence by looking thru the transparent one.

This looks like one of (quite a lot of) Source’s issues with interactions of translucent and opaque shaders. The most common one that I’ve come across is when an object with translucent material becomes completely invisible when it’s in front of particular fully opaque objects.