Gmod Gone Bad

Hi everyone our Movie Gmod Gone Bad will not come out sorry.Due to technical difficulties the movie wouldnt save it was really good looking but didnt save it was to big! This doesnt mean that were going to stop making videos its just this video didnt come a succesfull video :frowning: ah well its just luck were gona make more in time… bye!

heres my constructive criticism… dont make this film or series of films. theres too many painfully unfunny ‘random’ machinma out there.
if you must make this film then avoid just putting to a ragdoll with many thrusters spaz about while quotes from a comedy play over it.
the g-mod community expect quility films now, so provide us with quility.
i would make serious machinma as it is respected a hell of a lot more then a ‘random’ movie.

Don’t make threads with no content.

Also, this does not sound promising whatsoever.
This is another lolz im maeking randum gmode movee k, cum see when done kthxbai

I’m seriously getting tired of these kids who want to make a “funny” video like Idiots of Garry’s Mod.

Thanks for the advice but this movie is not like COME AND SEE TIS SHIT ITS FUNNY!! Then oh look this isnt funny im just wasting my life! Like what dudebielecki said “theres too many painfully unfunny ‘random’ machinma out there.” Yes theres ALOT but im gona try my best and this isnt gona be bullshit in a corner like they always are and Larry_G “Don’t make threads with no content” i guess i fucked up there although this is my first thread im really sorry but like i said i want advice and ideas thanks that was very helpful to me :smile: bye! hope you give me more ideas

Punctuation! Please! Punctuation!

Don’t make this movie. Make something with a plot.

What Do You Mean By Plot?

plot, as in story. make a story, write a script.

Oh yes… im still making it im have way there until the sneekpeak is out.

lookin foward to seeing it.

I kinda got enough of people wasting their time making unfunny videos on Gmod trying to get as popular as Djy1991 did. It was funny in the beginning, now it’s just LAWL, and not LOL.

People should try and make serious machinimas in Garry’s Mod more, such as a fanmade ending to the Half-Life 2 story or something. I would be excited to see THAT. So please people before making YET another “omg so funny guys check dis out” movie, think a bit of what other people would think.