GMOD gone crazy

ok so last time everything was all right well not really cuz you couldnt wire anything couldnt link adv pod controller to seat so i quit then read and helped some people on this and watched some tutorials on gmod then i wanted to do some tutorials then everything got fucked up then i went on wire tab there was only 2 things and then i went on first tab all wire was there but there was lots of errors and lag then i went on it theres youtube link:<uploading>

Jesus Christ.

And thechances are you installed Wire wrong. Where did you get it from? and svn put it was all working fine before

Never download Wiremod from

Go to
and follow the tutorial on there to do it properly.

yeah now i dont have wire tools cuz it keeps unsuccessfully

I didn’t even read your post because there is no puncuation. If you want me to read anything you say, please make it readable first.

However, I did get that you have some problem with Wiremod, and that you got it off of If the tutorial posted by CoolCorky didn’t help you, try this one: