Gmod Gore Again

I posted in another thread about a gore mod, well this guy said to post here so, I had a GREAT idea for gmod (for realistic gore lovers), a LUA script that makes all the default ragdolls fill with “Meat”, as in a slightly smaller than the original ragdoll, ragdoll that has the “Flesh” material, inside the “Meat” are bones, skulls, and organs, and all of which can be destroyed, each default gun are then scripted to have a “Piercing Percentage”, and a “Hole Size” script, the Piercing Percentage script is how deep the layers are deleted, for example, if the Piercing Percentage is at 100%, it would blow a hole right through the ragdoll, if it was at 0%, it would only create a classic bullet hit, the “Hole Size” script is how wide it would destroy, so if for one gun the “Hole Size” would be 25 and the Piercing would be 13 it would blow his stomach open and his guts will fall out. I’m not a LUA coder cuz’ im not all that smart in that kind of stuff so if anyone could do it please tell me. Thank you for reading.

holy SHIT, that would be hard to code.

would be very hard to code, and would be laggy as fuck