GMOD Graphics Problem

Hi, i have all the steam games… and my GMOD worked fine for months… now, whenever I go into a game, I get really messed up purple and black checkers textures, even the guns and people are messed up… Its just a mess… and before u ask, yes I do have gone into extensions and my games are selected… i have tried a few set launch options but nothing (such as -dxlevel 81) and stuff, I have a gaming PC and specs are all good… I have no idea how to fix this, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled GMOD numerous times… has anyone had this problem? if so, how did u fix it? i dont think its my graphics card as this doesn’t happen on any other game. Just GMOD… i also tried doing the local game cache thing when u go into properties and select that…



btw, its been happening for some time…

I would say make sure ALL of the games are updated? Otherwise try to re-install a fresh copy of GMod?

Have you installed any addons recently? If so, Delete them. If no, Re-install.

Remove everything from addons folder.

lolol looks like you got addon raped. K, delete the entire garrysmod/garrysmod folder. If that doesn’t help, delete the local content, AND the gmod/gmod folder. Make sure to backup all your IMPORTANT addons and adv. dupes.