Gmod greate multiplayer server doesn't work!

well when i go to gmod… i play internet server that normal stuff. but when i try to create multiplayer server it doesn’t show up to servers. so is it in firewall or do i have to do something before that?

Greate? And it’s because you haven’t fixed your ports for server hosting

Greate. I love that. Ha-ha.

yeh its create its somehow in my memory to put greate xD. so what do i need to do with ports?

hostport diffrent?

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and select your router model.
  3. You will be given a list of different programs. Scroll down/search until you get to “Half Life 2 Steam Server”.
  4. Click on that, and follow the instructions.

If port forwarding doesn’t work just type

sv_lan 0 in the console

if you want your friend to join

sv_lan 0

tell him/her to put in console:

connect <your ip here>

okay thanks

Try port forwarding.


Oh. Only read the first post. Stupid me.

Hey I need help with a server. When I go to create a multiplayer server, I wait for it to load and after about a minute of loading it takes me back to the main menu. Anyone know what to do?