GMod - GreenCard System!


 I am the owner of an old popular MexicanBorderRP server and a community/network called DeadLight Gaming. I am willing to release the "source files" which basically is everything I made or edited that isn't from scriptfodder like my war system, greencard and the border messages and maybe the hud. I would like to know if anyone would like that as I noticed skids using the clientside files that some special kid who thought it would make him popular on leakforums posted out. This did upset me. But give me feed back if people would like these addons released...
  • Hud
  • Green Card System
  • Border Zones
  • War System (Don’t worry Mikey not yours…)
  • Darkrpmodification folder with my jobs, shipments and etc.
  • Custom border runner npc.
  • The robable gas station npc

Proof of the skidkitty -

Looking back at what he stole it was a really old outdated of the server so I am not that pissed. Please do not use that link it will hurt my feelings.

don’t ask us, ask urself

By releasing the client and serverside files you are only encouraging them to do this to other servers as well as your own, in hope of the same reaction.

Skiddies are always going to do this because it gives them a sense of achievement, for some reason, anyways its not like they are able to steal your whole addon, since they are unable to get the serverside files so they only have part of your addon.

The border zones isn’t yours either.

Wouldn’t worry about it too much, by the looks of it the leaker just went to their server downloads folder and unpacked / uploaded all the downloaded content, as others pointed out on the post, it’s literally just the clientside files he’s uploaded; so anyone can get those from joining your server anyway.

I’m not sure about calling him a skid because as far as I can tell nothing of what he’s done requires any form of clientside script, he is a twat for trying but that’s about it.

you’re skidding when you use scripthook to download addons and post them on leakforums then having everyone praise you as all righteous hacker.

I wasn’t aware he was using scripthook, I was under the impression he simply went to the downloads folder and pulled everything from there, people in the comments are saying that he only has clientside files and this can definatley be done with the mentioned method, if he was using scripthook then sure call him a skid, like I said: he’s a twat regardless.